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Proposed in the 1990s
Passadumkeag Mountain location map Overview
After a proposal to build a ski area on Lead Mountain was rejected, developers set their eyes on nearby Passadumkeag Mountain.

A bit scaled back in comparison to the previous proposal, Ski Passadumkeag Mountain Association President Robin Brooks planned an 800 vertical foot, $2.5 to $5 million ski area.

While some sort of land purchase agreement was signed in late March of 1996, it is thought the proposal fell apart sometime in 1997.

A USGS map of Passadumkeag Mountain
A USGS map of Passadumkeag Mountain

There are no known remains of the Passadumkeag Mountain proposal.

" Robin Brooks, president of Ski Passadumkeag Mountain Association, wants to purchase or lease about 500 acres of land on a 1,049-foot peak, which would offer skiers an 800-foot vertical drop. "
Portland Press Herald, 1996

  • "Eastern Maine Ski Resort Proposed." Portland Press Herald. 11 Mar. 1996.

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