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Vermont Ski Lift Installation Timeline
Generated from the New England Ski Lift Database
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Ski AreaLiftTypeBrandStatus
Magic Mountain Ski AreaBlack Line QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Construction 
Mount SnowSunbrook ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Mount SnowSundance SixChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Mount SnowHeavy Metal TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortSunrise SixChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortQuantum SixChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortEvergreen Summit ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Sugarbush ResortKBRA T-BarT-BarLeitner-Poma Standing 
Camp Ethan AllenPlatterPlatterLeitner Poma Standing 
Ascutney MountainT-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Standing 
KillingtonNorth Ridge QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
KillingtonSnowdon Six ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - DetachablePoma Standing 
KillingtonSouth Ridge QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma-Yan Standing 
KillingtonSwirl PomaPlatterPoma Standing 
Magic Mountain Ski AreaGreen ChairChairlift - Double - FixedBorvig Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortSnow Bowl ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Burke Mountain ResortT-BarT-BarLeitner-Poma Standing 
High Pond Ski AreaT-BarT-BarLeitner-Poma Standing 
Seaver HillPlatterPlatter Standing 
Sugarbush ResortSunshine QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
Sugarbush ResortVillage QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
Grill HillPomaPlatter Standing 
Saskadena SixChair 1Chairlift - Quad - FixedLeitner-Poma Standing 
Haystack MountainBarnstormer Six PackChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortSunshine QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedLeitner-Poma Standing 
Sugarbush ResortValley House QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortSun Burst SixChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortMeadows QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
Haystack MountainStag's LeapChairlift - Quad - FixedSkyTrac Standing 
Haystack MountainTageChairlift - Quad - FixedSkyTrac Standing 
Jay Peak ResortTaxi QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
Burke Mountain ResortMid-Burke ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Mount SnowBluebird ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortFourrunner QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Sugarbush ResortGMVS T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Standing 
Middlebury College Snow BowlWorth Mountain TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedDoppelmayr-CTEC Standing 
Northeast SlopesJohn A. Pierson Jr. T-BarT-BarHall Standing 
KillingtonSkye Peak Express QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortOver Easy GondolaGondola - 10 PersonLeitner-Poma Standing 
Bolton ValleyVista QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr-CTEC Standing 
Burke Mountain ResortSherburne ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Quechee Ski AreaQuadzillaChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr-CTEC Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortSensation QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortAdventure TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedLeitner-Poma Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortSunny Spruce QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortColeman Brook ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Jay Peak ResortMetro QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortQuantum FourChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner-Poma Partially Standing 
Sugarbush ResortGreen Mountain ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner-Poma Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortShooting Star ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableGaraventa CTEC Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortSunrise ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableGaraventa CTEC Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortSouth American QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortSolstice QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
Sugarbush ResortCastlerock DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Standing 
Ascutney MountainNorth Peak ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableGaraventa CTEC Removed 
Jay Peak ResortGreen Mountain FlyerChairlift - Quad - DetachableLeitner Standing 
Smugglers NotchMorse Highlands LiftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortURSA ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableGaraventa CTEC Standing 
Mount SnowDiscovery Shuttle TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Standing 
Bromley Mountain ResortSun Mountain Express QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Bromley Mountain ResortLord's Prayer T-BarT-BarHall Standing 
KillingtonK1 GondolaGondola - 8 PersonPoma Standing 
Mount SnowNitro ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachablePoma Standing 
Mount SnowTumbleweed TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortSouth Face ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachablePoma Standing 
KillingtonNeedle's Eye Express QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachablePoma Standing 
KillingtonNorthbrook QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
KillingtonRam's Head Express QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachablePoma Standing 
Mount SnowCanyon ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachablePoma Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortThe PullT-BarPoma Standing 
Jay Peak ResortVillage ChairChairlift - Double - FixedBorvig-Hall Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortMorning Star TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedPoma Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortAmerican ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Sugarbush ResortGatehouse ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Sugarbush ResortGreen Mountain QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr Removed 
Sugarbush ResortSlide Brook ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Sugarbush ResortSuper Bravo ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableDoppelmayr Standing 
Sugarbush ResortNorth Ridge ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachablePoma Standing 
Sugarbush ResortNorth Lynx TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedPoma Standing 
KillingtonSkyeship GondolaGondola - 8 PersonPoma Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortSouth Face QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortSolitude ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachablePoma Standing 
Smugglers NotchSterling T-BarT-BarHall Standing 
Smugglers NotchMogul Mouse's Magic LiftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
KillingtonCanyon QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedYan-Poma Standing 
KillingtonSnowdon QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedYan-Poma Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortNorthstar ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachablePoma Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortGlades Peak QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortGondolaGondola - 8 PersonPoma Standing 
Mount SnowSunbrook QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedCTEC Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortSouth Ridge Quad AChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
Sugarbush ResortGreen Mountain ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachablePoma Removed 
Sugarbush ResortInverness QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
Sugarbush ResortSummit QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortSachem QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortKidderbrook QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Removed 
Bromley Mountain ResortBlue Ribbon QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
Burke Mountain ResortWilloughby QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedCTEC Partially Standing 
Mount SnowOutpost TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan-CTEC Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortSnow Star PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Pico MountainSummit Express QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableYan Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortGondolaGondola - 12 PersonPoma Standing 
Haystack MountainWitches TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedCTEC Standing 
Jay Peak ResortBonaventure QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
KillingtonSnowshed Express QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableYan-Poma Standing 
KillingtonSuperstar Express QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableYan-Poma Standing 
KillingtonSnowshed Double #1Chairlift - Double - FixedYan-Poma Standing 
KillingtonSnowshed Double #2Chairlift - Double - FixedYan-Poma Partially Standing 
Magic Mountain Ski AreaSun Corner TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedPoma Removed 
Middlebury College Snow BowlBailey Falls TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedCTEC Standing 
Mount SnowGrand Summit ExpressChairlift - Quad - DetachableYan-Poma Standing 
Mount SnowHeavy Metal DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedYan Converted 
Okemo Mountain ResortSolitude QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Removed 
Pico MountainGolden Express QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableYan Standing 
Ascutney MountainSnowdance TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedCTEC Removed 
Bolton ValleyTimberline QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
Haystack MountainHaymaker DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Removed 
Jay Peak ResortQueen's Highway T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortGreen Ridge TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedDoppelmayr Removed 
Stowe Mountain ResortForerunner QuadChairlift - Quad - DetachableDoppelmayr Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortSnow Bowl QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortSun Bowl QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Removed 
Haystack MountainBarnstormer TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedPoma Removed 
Haystack MountainHayfever TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedPoma Removed 
Jay Peak ResortJet Triple ChairChairlift - Triple - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
Magic Mountain Ski AreaBlack ChairChairlift - Triple - FixedYan-Pohlig Removed 
Mount SnowEgo Alley TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan-Carlevaro & Savio Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortSouth Ridge Quad BChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortMountain TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedDoppelmayr Partially Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortVillager DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortNorth American QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedPoma Removed 
Ascutney MountainNovice TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedCTEC Removed 
Ascutney MountainVillage TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedCTEC Removed 
Bromley Mountain ResortAlpine ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedVon Roll-Habegger Standing 
KillingtonBear Mountain QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedYan Standing 
KillingtonSkye Peak QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedYan Removed 
Middlebury College Snow BowlSheehan ChairChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Standing 
Mount SnowBeaver TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Removed 
Mount SnowSundance TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortBlack Ridge TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedPoma Standing 
Sugarbush ResortHeaven's Gate TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedPoma Standing 
Sugarbush ResortSuper Bravo TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedPoma Removed 
CarinthiaCarinthia DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedRiblet Removed 
KillingtonDevil's Fiddle QuadChairlift - Quad - FixedYan Partially Standing 
Okemo Mountain ResortNortheast TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedPoma Removed 
Stowe Mountain ResortToll House DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedDoppelmayr Standing 
KillingtonSki School PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
KillingtonSunrise Village TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Standing 
Lyndon Outing ClubT-BarT-Bar Standing 
Mount SnowChallenger TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortAlpine DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedDoppelmayr Removed 
Stowe Mountain ResortEasy Street DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedDoppelmayr Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortBetwixed DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedBorvig Removed 
Sugarbush ResortGMVS PomaPlatterHall-Poma Removed 
Sugarbush ResortNorth Ridge DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Removed 
Burke Mountain ResortJ-BarJ-BarHall Standing 
Pico MountainLittle Pico Triple ChairChairlift - Triple - FixedHall Standing 
CarinthiaSki BabaChairlift - Double - FixedBorvig Removed 
Cochran's Ski AreaT-BarT-BarHall Standing 
KillingtonBear Mountain TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Converted 
Mount SnowSki BabaChairlift - Double - FixedBorvig Removed 
Smugglers NotchMadonna II LiftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortLookout DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedRiblet Standing 
Burke Mountain ResortSherburne DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Converted 
Mount SnowSummit LocalChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Removed 
Pico MountainBirch Glade ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Removed 
Pico MountainSummit PomaPlatterPoma Partially Standing 
Saskadena Six1,600 Foot Double ChairChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Standing 
KillingtonSouth Ridge TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedYan Removed 
Saskadena SixBeginners J-BarJ-BarBorvig Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortGrizzly DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedBorvig Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortTamarack TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedBorvig Standing 
Sugarbush ResortSpring Fling TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedBorvig Removed 
KillingtonNeedles Eye DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedYan Removed 
Snow ValleyDouble ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedBorvig Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortTamarack DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedBorvig Converted 
KillingtonKillington Peak DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
Pico MountainLower ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
Quechee Ski AreaT-BarT-BarPoma Standing 
Saskadena Six2,000 Foot Double ChairChairlift - Double - FixedBorvig Removed 
Bromley Mountain ResortEast Meadow ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Bromley Mountain ResortSun ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
KillingtonSnowdon TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedHeron-Poma Standing 
OxbowT-BarT-BarHall Standing 
KillingtonNorth Ridge TripleChairlift - Triple - FixedHeron-Poma Removed 
Mad River GlenPractice Slope ChairChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Standing 
Mount SnowSeasons DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Timber RidgeShowcase DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
Glen EllenInverness DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Removed 
Hogback Mountain Ski AreaSugar T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Standing 
Magic Mountain Ski AreaRed ChairChairlift - Double - FixedHeron-Poma Standing 
Mount SnowCanyon DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortSouth Ridge DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHeron-Poma Removed 
Pico MountainKnomes Knoll Triple ChairChairlift - Triple - FixedHall Standing 
Pico MountainPico T-Bar IIT-BarDoppelmayr Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortSMS PomaPlatterHeron-Poma Removed 
Sugarbush ResortNorth Link PomaPlatterHeron-Poma Removed 
Ascutney MountainSunrise DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
Norwich University Ski AreaDoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
Quechee Ski AreaDouble ChairChairlift - Double - FixedHeron-Poma Removed 
Bolton ValleyVista LiftChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Removed 
Hogback Mountain Ski AreaWhiteway T-BarT-BarAlpine Lift Standing 
Jay Peak ResortGreen Mountain DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
KillingtonKillington GondolaGondola - 4 PersonCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Middlebury College Snow BowlWorth Mountain ChairChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Removed 
Middlebury College Snow BowlBailey Falls PomaliftPlatterPoma Removed 
Mount SnowBeartrap DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio-Yan-CTEC Standing 
Mount SnowG2Gondola - 2 PersonCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortNorthwest Summit DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedRiblet Removed 
Pico MountainOutpost Double ChairChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Standing 
Ascutney MountainNovice T-BarT-BarHall Removed 
Burke Mountain ResortDippers PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Plymouth NotchBoulder ChairChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Partially Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortGondolaGondola - 4 PersonPHB Hall Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortSun Bowl DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHeron Removed 
SonnenburgPomaPlatterPoma Removed 
SonnenburgPomaPlatterPoma Partially Standing 
Town & CountryPomaPlatterPoma  
Wildwood ValleyT-BarT-BarHall Standing 
Smugglers NotchVillage LiftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Bolton ValleyMid-Mountain LiftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Bolton ValleySnowflake LiftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Bolton ValleyWilderness LiftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Bromley Mountain ResortStargazer ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedRiblet Removed 
Burke Mountain ResortSummit DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Converted 
Haystack MountainTransfer LiftChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Removed 
Jay Peak ResortMetro T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Removed 
Jay Peak ResortAerial TramAerial TramwayVon Roll Standing 
KillingtonSnowshed Double #3Chairlift - Double - FixedPoma Removed 
Mad River GlenBirdland ChairChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortStandard DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHeron Removed 
PinnacleMain LiftPlatterPoma Standing 
PinnacleBeginner PomaPlatterPoma Standing 
Bromley Mountain ResortPlaza ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedRiblet Standing 
Burke Mountain ResortT-BarT-BarHall Removed 
Haystack MountainOh No DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Removed 
Jay Peak ResortSkyline DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedDoppelmayr Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortF-10 PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortSachem DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Removed 
Pico MountainSummit ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Pico MountainBonanza Double ChairChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Standing 
Brattleboro Ski HillT-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Standing 
Glen EllenSummit DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedStadeli-Mueller Removed 
Haystack MountainHayfever DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Removed 
Haystack MountainFanny Hill T-BarT-BarMueller Removed 
Haystack MountainSkid Row T-BarT-BarMueller Removed 
Haystack MountainHaymaker T-BarT-BarMueller Removed 
Hogback Mountain Ski AreaAlpenglo T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Standing 
Hogback Mountain Ski AreaMeadow T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Standing 
KillingtonSnowdon DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
Magic Mountain Ski AreaLittle ChairChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
Maple ValleyNorth ChairChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Middlebury College Snow BowlSki School PomaliftPlatterPoma Removed 
Mount SnowG1Gondola - 2 PersonCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Mount SnowAir CarAerial TramwayCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Plymouth NotchSalt Ash ChairChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Standing 
Plymouth NotchTinker T-BarT-BarMueller  
Saskadena SixNovice PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Smugglers NotchSterling LiftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortSnow Bowl DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHeron Removed 
Sugarbush ResortVillage DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio-Poma Removed 
Ascutney MountainNovice T-BarT-BarHall Removed 
Ascutney MountainSummit DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHall Removed 
Glen EllenBeginner T-BarT-BarStadeli Removed 
Glen EllenMountain DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedStadeli Removed 
Glen EllenSunshine DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedStadeli Removed 
KillingtonSnowshed Double #2Chairlift - Double - FixedPoma Converted 
KillingtonSnowshed PomaPlatter Removed 
Maple ValleySouth ChairChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Maple ValleyT-BarT-BarHall Standing 
Middlebury College Snow BowlBattell PomaliftPlatterPoma Removed 
Mount SnowNorth Face DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Converted 
Okemo Mountain ResortGreen PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Smugglers NotchMadonna I LiftChairlift - Double - FixedHall Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortLittle Spruce DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedRiblet Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortLower T-BarT-BarHall Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortUpper T-BarT-BarHall Removed 
Sugarbush ResortGatehouse DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Sugarbush ResortSunshine DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedStadeli Removed 
Timber RidgeTempest T-BarT-BarBorvig Removed 
Ascutney MountainWest T-BarT-Bar Removed 
Burke Mountain ResortNovice PomaPlatterPoma  
High Pond Ski AreaT-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Partially Standing 
Jay Peak ResortBoulevard T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Removed 
KillingtonRam's Head DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedPoma Removed 
Magic Mountain Ski AreaBlue ChairChairlift - Double - FixedPohlig Converted 
Norwich University Ski AreaPomaliftPlatterPoma  
Pico MountainGnomes Knoll T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Removed 
Pico MountainLower ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedStadeli Removed 
Prospect Mountain1,200 Foot T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Standing 
BirdseyeSTABIL LiftPlatterSTABIL Standing 
BirdseyeSTABIL LiftPlatterSTABIL Standing 
KillingtonNovice PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
KillingtonSnowshed Double #1Chairlift - Double - FixedPoma Converted 
Lyndon Outing ClubT-BarT-Bar Removed 
Mad River GlenSunnyside ChairChairlift - Double - FixedMueller-Borvig-Doppelmayr-CTEC Standing 
Mount SnowSnow Dance DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Mt. TomBaby PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortBaby PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Prospect Mountain3,200 Foot T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Standing 
Smugglers NotchPractice PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortNorth American DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHeron Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortSuntanner DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHeron Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortTyrolienne DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedHeron Removed 
Ascutney MountainSingle ChairChairlift - Single - FixedLarchmont Removed 
CarinthiaT-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Removed 
Jay Peak ResortBonaventure DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedMueller Removed 
Magic Mountain Ski AreaShowoff T-BarT-BarHall Removed 
Mount SnowBeaver DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Mount SnowSun Dance DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Mt. TomPomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortBlack PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Snow ValleyPoma LiftPlatterPoma Partially Standing 
Stowe Mountain ResortMt. Mansfield DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedRiblet Removed 
Sugarbush ResortValley House DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio-Poma Removed 
Jay Peak ResortJet T-BarT-BarDoppelmayr Removed 
KillingtonKillington ChairliftChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Pico MountainPico J-BarJ-BarOttman-Allen Removed 
Sugarbush ResortCastlerock DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Burrington HillSTABIL LiftPlatterSTABIL Removed 
Bromley Mountain ResortNumber One ChairChairlift - Double - FixedRiblet Removed 
Dutch HillJ-BarJ-BarOttman-Allen Removed 
KillingtonLower Snowdon PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
KillingtonUpper Snowdon PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
KillingtonNovice PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
KillingtonGlades PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Mad River GlenT-BarT-BarHall Removed 
Mount SnowSouth Bowl LiftChairlift - Double - FixedRamsey Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortBlue PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Sugarbush ResortGondolaGondola - 3 PersonCarlevaro & Savio Removed 
Sugarbush ResortT-BarT-BarHall Removed 
Barre SkylinePomaPlatterPoma  
Ascutney MountainMain T-BarT-BarHall Removed 
Mount SnowSap Bucket LiftChairlift - Double - FixedRamsey Removed 
Pico MountainGnomes Knoll T-BarT-BarWestern Manufacturing Co. Removed 
Jay Peak ResortPomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Mount SnowMixing Bowl LiftChairlift - Double - FixedRamsey Removed 
Smugglers NotchLower PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Smugglers NotchUpper PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Stowe Mountain ResortToll House T-BarT-Bar Removed 
Bromley Mountain ResortEast Side PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Burke Mountain ResortPomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Hogback Mountain Ski AreaWhiteway PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Mount SnowSummit LiftChairlift - Double - FixedRamsey Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortRed PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Okemo Mountain ResortYellow PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
Middlebury College Snow BowlPomaliftPlatterPoma Removed 
Mount SnowLittle BeaverChairlift - Double - FixedRamsey Removed 
Mount SnowExhibition LiftChairlift - Double - FixedRamsey Removed 
Stowe Mountain ResortBig Spruce DoubleChairlift - Double - FixedRoebling-Poma Removed 
Bromley Mountain ResortLittle Bromley J-BarJ-Bar Removed 
Saskadena Six2,000 Foot PomaPlatterPoma Removed 
High Pond Ski AreaPlatterpullPlatterBridger Removed 
Stowe Mountain ResortSpruce Slopes T-BarT-Bar Removed 
Mad River GlenSingle ChairChairlift - Single - FixedAmerican Steel & Wire Company-Doppelmayr Standing 
Bromley Mountain ResortLord's Prayer J-BarJ-Bar Removed 
Dutch HillT-BarT-BarConstam Removed 
Hogback Mountain Ski AreaSugar T-BarT-BarConstam  
Stowe Mountain ResortMt. Mansfield T-BarT-Bar Removed 
Bromley Mountain ResortSnow Bowl J-BarJ-Bar Removed 
Bromley Mountain ResortUpper J-BarJ-Bar Removed 
Bromley Mountain ResortLower J-BarJ-Bar Removed 
Snow ValleyT-BarT-BarConstam Partially Standing 
Pico MountainPico T-BarT-BarConstam Removed 
Stowe Mountain ResortMt. Mansfield SingleChairlift - Single - FixedAmerican Steel & Wire Company Removed 
Mt. AeolusJ-BarJ-Bar Removed 
Installation Year Not Known
Ski AreaLiftTypeBrandStatus
Apple HillT-BarT-Bar  
Hurley HillPomaliftPlatter Standing 
Marshall HillT-BarT-Bar  
Stratton Mountain ResortTeddy BearPlatter  
Winhall Ski BowlJ-BarJ-Bar Partially Standing 
Underhill Ski BowlSTABIL LiftPlatterSTABIL  
Mount SnowSouth Bowl T-BarT-Bar Removed 
Sugarbush ResortTranquilizer Poma LiftPlatter Removed 
Stowe Mountain ResortMidway Surface LiftPlatter  
Cosmic HillT-BarT-BarMueller Standing 

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A grand hotel in northern New Hampshire
A grand hotel in northern New Hampshire
A massive ski area once proposed in Southern Vermont...
A massive ski area once proposed in Southern Vermont...
Once one of the busiest areas in New idle
Once one of the busiest areas in New idle
Beer man and owner of one of the largest ski area chains in history
Beer man and owner of one of the largest ski area chains in history
The Puzzle of Evergreen Valley
The Puzzle of Evergreen Valley
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