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Brockton Landfill Ski Area
Brockton, Massachusetts
Proposed in the 1970s
Brockton Landfill Ski Area location map Overview
Upon agreeing to transfer its waste to East Bridgewater in 1973, the City of Brockton looked to do something with its landfill. Looking at the upside of nearby Blue Hills, folks in Brockton looked to build a ski area on their towering landfill.

While Mayor Richard Wainwright saw the ski area as a viable idea, it is not known why the proposal didn't come to fruition.

The ski area would have likely had a vertical drop just shy of 200 feet.

Google Earth Rendering of the Brockton landfills
Google Earth Rendering of the Brockton landfills
Two capped landfills remain on Thatcher Street.

" Brockton seems an improbable site for a winter sports carnival, but it may shortly claim the longest ski slope south of the Blue Hills. "
James Stack, 1973

" The ski slope may come as a bonus because, once the dump is closed, the city can't just leave it there. "
James Stack, 1973

  • Stack, James. "Brockton to turn waste into fun: Recycled trash to create ski slope." The Boston Globe. 06 May 1973.

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