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Cochran's Ski Area
Cochran's Ski Area
Richmond, Vermont
Status: Open
First Season:1960-61
Vertical Drop:500 feet
Standing Lifts:Surface lifts
Past Lifts:
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Located southeast of Burlington, Cochran's ski area has been the launching pad for numerous young skiers for over half a century.

Start as Private Family Ski Area

The Cochran family in 1966
The Cochran family in 1966

Gordon "Mickey" Cochran initially landed in Vermont as a student at the University of Vermont, where he eventually became a ski coach. Marrying Virginia "Ginny" Davis, Cochran soon became a teacher at Windsor High School. Cochran also briefly managed nearby Ascutney ski area briefly during the 1950s, where his four children grew up skiing.

Circa 1960, Cochran purchased a farmhouse on 190 acres located between Montpelier and Burlington in the small town of Richmond. Leaving teaching for a career as a mechanical engineer with General Electric, Cochran leveraged his skills to construct a rope tow adjacent to the house.

The small ski area opened in early 1961, serving the family and local children. With no lodge, the house served as the warming hut and first aid center.

Circa 1965, the Cochrans purchased a 140 acre lot adjacent to their home and expanded the ski area uphill the following year.


Over the next half decade, all four of the Cochran children were named to the United States Ski Team. Numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals were won by the family in a variety of events, such as the World Cup, World Championships, and, Olympics in the late 1960s and 1970s, giving the small ski area quite a name. The Cochran children were invited to the White House to meet President Nixon in the spring of 1971.

Mickey constructed a new warming hut at the base of the ski area during the summer of 1971, providing a new snack bar and taking pressure off the Cochran's house.

Mickey took a leave of absence from General Electric so that he could serve as coach of the U.S. Ski Team from 1973 to 1974, whilst his wife Ginny continued to manage the ski area.

A handle tow was installed for the 1975-76, improving the learn to ski program headed by Ginny.

Giant slalom at Cochran's (2014)
Giant slalom at Cochran's (2014)

Uphill transportation was upgraded in 1979, when a used 1,600 foot long T-Bar was installed. Around this time, Mickey designed a small snowmaking system

Snowmaking was expanded to cover 70% of the ski area for the 1982-83 season.

A new lodge was constructed circa 1984, located in the vicinity of the T-Bar and Mighty Mite lifts.

Non Profit Formed

Mickey Cochran passed away in 1998, triggering changes at the ski area. Following his death, the non-profit Cochran's Ski Area, Inc. was formed, procuring a 49 year lease to operate the ski area. Ginny Cochran passed away in 2005.

After nearly a decade of planning, a new $400,000 snowmaking system was constructed in 2007. Pumping from the Winooski River, the new system allowed the area to cover both the T-Bar and Mighty Mite areas.

The base area in 2020
The base area in 2020

New night skiing lighting was added for the winter of 2010-11.

Cochran's Ski Area continues to operate to this day with the Cochran children and grandchildren still playing an active role.

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Standing Lifts
The T-Bar in 2014

Past Lifts

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