Snow Valley as seen from Bromley (2003)
Snow Valley
Winhall, Vermont
Status: Lost/Defunct
First Season:1941-42
Last Season:1983-84
Vertical Drop:900 feet
Standing Lifts:
Past Lifts:1 double, surface lifts
Left: Snow Valley as seen from Bromley (2003)
Recent News:
Located in the shadow of Bromley, Snow Valley was once a major ski area. Though eventually overshadowed by larger nearby areas, Snow Valley managed to operate for over four decades prior to closing in the mid 1980s. Twenty years later, the roots of a private ski area were developed, with hopes of reopening Snow Valley in the 2010s.

Snow Valley as a Major Ski Area

Snow Valley with Bromley in the background
Snow Valley with Bromley in the background

Though there are multiple references to skiing starting at Snow Valley as early as 1936, the area likely first opened as a T-Bar serviced operation in January 1942. Designed by Walter and Dolph Rath, the ski area featured the $12,000 Snow Man's Rest lodge, the T-Bar, and two rope tows. Two new trails and another slope were added for the 1942-43 season.

Meeting postwar demand, a new lift was added for the 1946-47 season, increasing uphill capacity to 1,600 people per hour.

Transportation to Snow Valley was greatly improved between 1947 and 1949 when Route 11 and Route 30 were likely moved to their present location. Prior to this, a road leading from Manchester to Winhall passed through the base area of the ski area, often requiring chains for winter use.

Though Snow Valley's sheltered, high elevation location gave it quite an advantage in terms of natural snowfall, it was not immune from poor winters in the late 1940s. Snow Valley often took these periods in good humor, running ice skating exhibitions on the ski trails and reporting colorful conditions such as '[b]rown grass, peeping crocuses, four stumps, three boulders, one lift, three tows, four buildings, new road, and no skiers. O, the life of a ski area operator!'

John Stember likely succeeded the Raths as manager in 1950. While other ski areas were growing, Snow Valley was in a holding pattern. A new slope was added, however, for the 1957-58 season. Bromley countered this by adding a chairlift for the 1958-59 season, to which Snow Valley responded with plans for a new beginner surface lift.

Under new ownership, Snow Valley started the 1960s with the installation of a Pomalift. While plans were also made for a double chairlift, Snow Valley would remain a surface lift ski area for another decade.

1970s Expansion

In New Jersey attorney John Frohling's Vermont Enterprises, Inc. purchased Snow Valley from Marvin Parker and Avis Tifft prior to the 1972-73 season. A new beginner slope, a new mighty mite lift, a new parking lot, and a renovated base lodge were rolled out for the 1972-73 season.

Snow Valley took a big step forward for the 1976-77 season when a new double chairlift was installed. Extending to a point below the main lodge, the new lift increased the area's advertised vertical drop by 200 feet. The lift likely opened to the public in January of 1977.

Cross country skiing was added for 1978-79 season.

For the 1981-82 season, Snow Valley expanded its base lodge and installed snowmaking on the lower mountain.

Snowboarding Championship Venue

The 1984 National Snowboarding Championships at Snow Valley
The 1984 National Snowboarding Championships at Snow Valley

Snow Valley found itself on the cutting edge in 1983 and when it hosted the National Snowboarding Championships. The 1984 competition featured downhill on Saturday, March 3, and slalom on Sunday, March 4. East Dorset resident Andy Coghlan won both men's events, while Marianna Fruhmann of Hinterstoder, Austria took the overall women's title.


While snowboard was up and coming, it was not enough to get the masses to return to Snow Valley. The area likely closed following the 1983-84 season.

After being idle for two decades, Snow Valley was sold in the early 2000s and some The trails re-cleared.

The base lodge burned in August of 2011.

Rebirth as Private Area?

In early 2013, plans emerged for the redevelopment of Snow Valley. The developers hope to reopen a few trails, refurbish the chairlift, and operate the ski area privately for home owners.

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Standing Lifts
The Double Chair in 2002
Double Chairlift
Chairlift - Double - Fixed

Past Lifts
The Poma in 2002
Poma Lift

The T-Bar in 2004

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Year by Year History
Adult Weekend Full Day Lift Ticket; Adult Full Price Unlimited Season Pass
1980s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
Opening Day
Closing Day
Skier Visits
1982-83$15.001982-83 Ticket Price Graph1982-83 Season Pass Price Graph1982-83 Skier Visit Graph
1981-82$14.001981-82 Ticket Price Graph1981-82 Season Pass Price Graph1981-82 Skier Visit Graph
1970s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
Opening Day
Closing Day
Skier Visits
1978-79$11.001978-79 Ticket Price Graph1978-79 Season Pass Price Graph1978-79 Skier Visit Graph
1977-78$10.001977-78 Ticket Price Graph1977-78 Season Pass Price Graph1977-78 Skier Visit Graph
1976-77$9.001976-77 Ticket Price Graph1976-77 Season Pass Price Graph1976-77 Skier Visit Graph
1975-76$7.001975-76 Ticket Price Graph1975-76 Season Pass Price Graph1975-76 Skier Visit Graph
1972-73$7.001972-73 Ticket Price Graph1972-73 Season Pass Price Graph1972-73 Skier Visit Graph
1969-70$5.001969-70 Ticket Price Graph1969-70 Season Pass Price Graph1969-70 Skier Visit Graph
1960s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
Opening Day
Closing Day
Skier Visits
1967-68$4.501967-68 Ticket Price Graph1967-68 Season Pass Price Graph1967-68 Skier Visit Graph
1966-67$4.501966-67 Ticket Price Graph1966-67 Season Pass Price Graph1966-67 Skier Visit Graph
1965-66$4.501965-66 Ticket Price Graph1965-66 Season Pass Price Graph1965-66 Skier Visit Graph
1962-63$3.501962-63 Ticket Price Graph1962-63 Season Pass Price Graph1962-63 Skier Visit Graph
1959-60$3.001959-60 Ticket Price Graph1959-60 Season Pass Price Graph1959-60 Skier Visit Graph
1950s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
Opening Day
Closing Day
Skier Visits
1949-50$3.001949-50 Ticket Price Graph1949-50 Season Pass Price Graph1949-50 Skier Visit Graph

Visitor Memories
"Stratton lifts were closed due to high winds on a day where it had snowed 6” overnight. My buddy and I skin hiked up and skies down twice. The best run is not the main run, but a quick shot through the trees, lookers left of the main trail."
TJ Markey, Mar. 10, 2019
"Snow Valley was the home of the winter ski trip for Boy Scout Troop 10 out Medfield MA, in the late 60s. We would sleep on the floor in the lodge, great memories."
Reed Captain, Jan. 10, 2016
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