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Fan Gun Snowmaking in New England
An SMI Polecat at Berkshire East, MA

While marketing campaigns may lead some to believe that fan gun snowmaking is a recently developed technology, it has been used in New England for decades.

There are essentially two types of snowmaking in widespread use at New England ski areas: air water and fan gun. Air water systems generally require two separate sets of pipelines on trails: water and compressed air. Since the water pumps and air compressors are operated at central locations, electricity does not have to be installed on trails.

With fan gun technology, electrical service and a water pipeline have to be installed on trails. No central air compressor or air pipeline is used. Areas with night skiing tend to be more likely to already use fan gun technology, as electricity is already in place for lighting. While the purchase price of a fan gun is dramatically higher than an air water gun, many say that fan guns produce more snow, operate better in marginal temperatures, are more cost efficient, and make a nicer skiing surface.

Areco at Berkshire East 01-16-2007
Berkshire East, MA, 01-16-2007
Hedcos at Magic Mountain 05-25-2002
Magic Mountain, VT, 05-25-2002
Lenko at Blue Hills 01-29-2008
Blue Hills, MA, 01-29-2008
SMI Snowstream (and Hedco)
SMI Snowstream and Hedco at Berkshire East in the 1970s
Berkshire East, MA, 1970s
SMI Highland
SMI Highland at Berkshire East 03-23-2013
Berkshire East, MA, 03-23-2013
SMI Wizz Kid
SMI Wizz Kid at Berkshire East 01-17-2003
Berkshire East, MA, 01-17-2003
SMI Wizzard
SMI Wizzard at Berkshire East 12-08-2006
Berkshire East, MA, 12-08-2006
SMI Super Wizzard
SMI Super Wizzard at Brodie 03-09-2002
Brodie, MA, 03-09-2002
SMI Polecat
SMI Polecat at Gunstock 03-20-2013
Gunstock, NH, 03-20-2013
TechnoAlpin M18 at Gunstock 03-17-2011
Gunstock, NH, 03-17-2011
Turbocristal at Wachusett 10-15-2006
Wachusett, MA, 10-15-2006

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