New England Ski Lift Database
Yan Brand Lifts
Ski AreaLiftTypeInstall SeasonStatus
Sunday RiverAurora Peak QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1991-92 Standing 
Sunday RiverBarker Mountain ExpressChairlift - Quad - Detachable1987-88 Standing 
Sunday RiverLittle White Cap QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1988-89 Standing 
Sunday RiverWhite Cap QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
Sunday RiverWhite Heat QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1988-89 Standing 
KillingtonBear Mountain QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1984-85 Standing 
KillingtonBear Mountain TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1979-80 Converted 
KillingtonCanyon QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1992-93 Standing 
KillingtonDevil's Fiddle QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1983-84 Partially Standing 
KillingtonNeedles Eye DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1976-77 Removed 
KillingtonSkye Peak QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1984-85 Removed 
KillingtonSnowdon QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1992-93 Removed 
KillingtonSnowshed Double #1Chairlift - Double - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
KillingtonSnowshed Double #2Chairlift - Double - Fixed1987-88 Partially Standing 
KillingtonSnowshed Express QuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable1987-88 Standing 
KillingtonSouth Ridge QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2018-19 Standing 
KillingtonSouth Ridge TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1977-78 Removed 
KillingtonSunrise TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1982-83 Standing 
KillingtonSuperstar Express QuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable1987-88 Standing 
Magic Mountain Ski AreaBlack ChairChairlift - Triple - Fixed1985-86 Removed 
Mount SnowBeartrap DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1969-70 Standing 
Mount SnowBeaver TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1984-85 Removed 
Mount SnowChallenger TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1982-83 Standing 
Mount SnowDiscovery Shuttle TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1998-99 Standing 
Mount SnowEgo Alley TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1985-86 Standing 
Mount SnowGrand Summit ExpressChairlift - Quad - Detachable1987-88 Standing 
Mount SnowHeavy MetalChairlift - Double - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
Mount SnowOutpost TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1988-89 Standing 
Mount SnowSummit LocalChairlift - Triple - Fixed1978-79 Removed 
Mount SnowSundance TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1984-85 Standing 
Mount SnowTumbleweed TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1997-98 Standing 
Pico MountainGolden Express QuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable1987-88 Standing 
Pico MountainSummit Express QuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable1988-89 Standing 
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