New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Winslow as seen from Don Worden Schuss (2018)
Dartmouth Skiway
Lyme, New Hampshire
Status: Open
First Season:1956-57
Vertical Drop:968 feet
Standing Lifts:1 quad, 1 double, 1 J-Bar
Past Lifts:1 double, 1 T-Bar, Surface lifts
Left: Winslow as seen from Don Worden Schuss (2018)
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Located northeast of Hanover, Dartmouth Skiway is a mid-sized ski area that comprises the lower slopes two mountains, 2,110 foot Holts Ledge and 2,282 foot Winslow Ledge. The ski area is owned and operated by Dartmouth College.

Oak Hill

Dartmouth College's first venture into lift served skiing dates back to 1935, when a J-Bar was installed on a small slope at Oak Hill in Hanover. In a time in which most alpine skiing required hiking, the ski area was cutting edge. After two decades of use, the area was upstaged by a new Dartmouth College development at nearby Holts Ledge. Oak Hill likely remained lift served into the 1980s, at which point the focus for the complex was centered on nordic skiing.

Holt's Ledge

The Holts Poma circa the late 1950s
The Holts Poma circa the late 1950s

Following John Meck's report entitled "Development of Adequate Skiing Facilities for Dartmouth Students in the Hanover Area," Dartmouth developed trails on the northeastern slope of Holt's Ledge for the 1956-57 season. Climbing up the new 968 vertical foot complex was a 3,775 foot Poma lift, which reportedly served 5 trails. At the foot of the area, the Peter Brundage Lodge was constructed, designed by local architect W. Brooke Fleck. Dartmouth College formally dedicated its new Holt's Ledge ski area on January 12, 1957, while the lodge was inaugurated on March 3. Accomplished racer Howard Chivers, class of 1939, was the area's first manager.

Despite developing the new ski area, Oak Hill continued to operate. The J-Bar was refurbished for the 1957-58 season.

To help alleviate long lift lines, a new 1,700 foot long Mueller T-Bar was installed at the foot of the Don Worden Schuss for the 1960-61 season. In addition to providing easier terrain, the new lift and Green Pastures slope facilitated skiing when natural snow was minimal. The Peter Brundage Lodge was also expanded around this time.

Winslow Ledge

Dartmouth Skiway circa 1967
Dartmouth Skiway circa 1967

Though crowds were growing, reliance on natural snow was a problem for the Skiway, as key races were relocated due to a lack of snow. While an investment in snowmaking was considered, Dartmouth instead opened a new complex for the 1967-68 season to market the ski area to families. Located on the northwestern slope of Winslow Ledge, the largely novice-intermediate area featured trail names following the college theme. Serving the complex was a new double chairlift, climbing 876 vertical feet.

Peter Brundage Lodge circa the late 1960s
Peter Brundage Lodge circa the late 1960s

The lack of snowmaking hurt Dartmouth again during the poor winter of 1973-74, as the Skiway reportedly only operated 34 days.

Shortly after it reached two decades in service, the original Holt's Ledge Poma lift was replaced with a Hall double chairlift for the 1977-78 season, thus establishing chairlift service on both mountains.

Howard Chivers
Howard Chivers

Three weeks after participating in a relay race, area manager Howard Chivers died of cancer in March of 1984. Donald Cutter, class of 1973, took over as manager.

Snowmaking, Lifts, Lodge

After dealing with many subpar snowfall winters, including a 4-day 1979-80 season, $1 million was invested in a snowmaking system for the winter of 1985-86, initially covering 43 acres. Though the installation allowed for more consistent operations, the ski area went into the red for until the winter of 1992-93.

A J-Bar was added to the Winslow side for the 1988-89 season. Five years later, with debt payments on the snowmaking system completed, the double chairlift on the Winslow side was replaced with a new Garaventa CTEC fixed grip quad chairlift.

The McLane Family Lodge (2016)
The McLane Family Lodge (2016)

Following the 1999-2000 season, the Peter Brundage Lodge was replaced with the $3.5 million McLane Family Lodge. Designed by Stuart White and Edward Levin, the new building quadrupled floor space while providing modern base facilities.

Doug Holler took over as ski area director for the 2001-02 season.
In keeping with the classic New England feel of the Holts side of the ski area, the double chairlift was kept in place, but modernized in 2005 when a new Doppelmayr-CTEC overhead drive was installed.

Lower Liftline (2018)
Lower Liftline (2018)

Snowmaking was improved when the Dupre family donated $750,000 in 2008. The four Dupre sisters, all Dartmouth graduates, made the donation in honor of their father, HKD Snowmakers founder Herman K. Dupre. Reports
Month Average Percent of Terrain Open
December60%    (3 reports)60 Open
January76%    (4 reports)76 Open
February86%    (8 reports)86 Open
March92%    (7 reports)92 Open
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Standing Lifts
The lift line (2015)
Holts Double
Chairlift - Double - Fixed
The bottom terminal (2015)
Winslow Quad
Chairlift - Quad - Fixed

Past Lifts
The T-Bar line in 2013
Green Pastures T-Bar
Holt's Poma circa the 1960s
Holts Poma
The J-Bar in 2004
The Winslow Double circa 1970
Winslow Double
Carlevaro & Savio
Chairlift - Double - Fixed

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"Born in 1947. skied Skiway the first day it was open. After Oak Hill, we thought we had gone to skiing heaven. Big part of growing up. Still working as a ski instructor at Mt. Ashland, Oregon My older brother skied 75 straight seasons before hanging up his skis."
warren carlson, Dec. 29, 2020
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