Suicide Six in the late 1970s/early 1980s
Suicide Six
Woodstock, Vermont
Status: Open
First Season:1936-37
Vertical Drop:650 feet
Standing Lifts:1 quad, 1 double, surface lift
Past Lifts:1 double, surface lifts
Left: Suicide Six in the late 1970s/early 1980s
Recent News:
12/12/2016: 2016 Lift Install Season Tied for Worst in History
11/27/2016: Lift Installation Projects Continue as December Approaches
11/13/2016: Lift Installation Projects Continue as Ski Season Approaches
10/10/2016: New England Lift Construction Projects Progressing Profile
Located north of Woodstock, Vermont, Suicide Six is a historic small but steep ski area.

America's First Ski Lift

Lift served skiing in the United States likely dates back to the 1933-34 season, when Robert and Elizabeth Royce hired David Dodd to construct a rope tow on Clinton Gilbert's farm to serve their inn's guests. The tow opened in January of 1934.

Rhode Island native and recent Dartmouth College graduate Wallace "Bunny" Bertram soon took over operating the ski area. Bertram later joked that he didn't even have a cash register while he was in charge.

The Poma
The Poma

Suicide Six Is Born

Circa the 1936-37 season, Bertram installed a tow on Hill Number 6, reportedly purchasing the land for $3 per acre. One writer joked about the lift being a "90-mile-an-hour speedy pull-me-up." Noting that it would be suicide to ski straight down the face, and recalling a lesson in alliteration in high school, Bertram chose the name Suicide 6.

By the time the 1939-40 season rolled around, Suicide Six was noted as having one of the best race courses in the country. Accomplished racers such as Brooks Dodge, Tom Corcoran, Bill Beck, and Betsy Snite competed at the area. Suicide 6's racing credentials especially became known when the area had snow when others did not. When "green grass seem[ed] to be the style" in the winter of 1941-42, Suicide 6 continued to host the Fisk trophy race and also attracted college races that were otherwise doomed to being cancelled.

A Poma was added for 1953-54 season, giving Suicide Six a modern lift. At the time, the lift was only the second platter in Vermont. The new technology spread throughout Vermont over the subsequent few years.

Eight acres of new slopes were added for the 1956-57 season.

The new base lodge in the late 1970s/early 1980s
The new base lodge in the late 1970s/early 1980s

The Rockefeller Era

Bertram sold the ski area to Laurance Rockefeller in 1961, later remarking to Skiing magazine, "I was damn lucky to get out of the business." Rockefeller's RockResorts, Inc. proceeded to market it with its other Woodstock ski area, Mt. Tom, until the latter closed in the late 1970s.

Wanting to have "Cadillac" skiing, Rockefeller pushed through a significant expansion in the late 1970s, starting with the installation of a new double chairlift in 1975-76. A new J-Bar was added in 1977, while a second chairlift was installed in 1978. A new 10,000 square foot, $400,000 lodge was also unveiled for the 1978-79 season, designed by Banwell, White, and Arnold and constructed with butternut and basswood harvested from resort property and heated with a wood furnace.

Shortly after being elected to the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame, Suicide 6 founder Bunny Bertram passed away on January 29, 1981 at the age of 73. Around this time, RockResorts closed nearby Mt. Tom, as Suicide 6 now had modern facilities for novices.

In February of 1982, Suicide Six hosted the first National Snow Surfing Championship, paving the way for competitive snowboarding.

The Face in the 1990s
The Face in the 1990s

As the 1980s progressed, the ski area was spun off from RockResorts, Inc. prior to the corporation being sold to CSX. After the shuffling, Suicide Six and the Woodstock Inn ended up being part of the Woodstock Resort Corporation. Meanwhile, Chuck Vanderstreet was hired to manage the recreational facilities.

With the lodge, snowmaking, and lift investments of the late 1970s and early 1980s, not many visible improvements were made or needed over the next few decades. However, as the 2010s arrived, the summit chairlift began to show its age. After having finding flaws in the aging double chairlift in back to back seasons, Suicide 6 replaced the lift with a new quad chairlift for the 2016-17 season. Meanwhile, Tim Reiter assumed the title of General Manager from Chuck Vanderstreet in 2016 with a goal of making Suicide Six a four season destination.

Looking down the Face (2018)
Looking down the Face (2018)

Once again embracing an emerging competitive sport, Suicide Six was a venue for the FIS Telemark World Cup in January 2018. In July of that year, the quad chairlift began serving downhill mountain bikers. Reports
Month Average Percent of Terrain Open
December25%    (2 reports)25 Open
January70%    (2 reports)70 Open
Recent Conditions Reports
Dec. 29, 2019 by brianna
Loose Granular, Frozen Granular
Dec. 29, 2019 by rocket21
Loose Granular, Frozen Granular
Jan. 21, 2018 by rocket21
Packed Powder, Variable Conditions
Jan. 21, 2018 by brianna
Spring Snow, Wet Packed Powder
Suicide Six on News
Recent Articles
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Trust for Public Lands Attempting to Purchase Gilbert's Hill Ski Area - Aug. 18, 2015
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Image Gallery
1953-54 Eastern Ski Map1954-55 Eastern Ski Map1955-56 Eastern Ski Map1956-57 Eastern Ski Map1957-58 Eastern Ski Map1959-60 Eastern Ski Map
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Standing Lifts
The base terminal (2018)
1,600 Foot Double Chair
Chairlift - Double - Fixed
The J-Bar in the late 1970s or early 1980s
Beginners J-Bar
The base terminal (2018)
Chair 1
Chairlift - Quad - Fixed

Past Lifts
The 2,000 Foot Double in the late 1970s or early 1980s
2,000 Foot Double Chair
Chairlift - Double - Fixed
The Suicide Six Poma
2,000 Foot Poma
Novice Poma

2020-21 Suicide Six Trail Map
1975-76 Mt. Tom/Suicide Six Rendering1979-80 Suicide Six Trail Map1982-83 Suicide Six Trail Map2002-03 Suicide Six Trail Map2013-14 Suicide Six trail map2014-15 Suicide Six trail map
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Year by Year History
Adult Weekend Full Day Lift Ticket; Adult Full Price Unlimited Season Pass
2020s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
Opening Day
Closing Day
Skier Visits
2020-21$79.002020-21 Ticket Price Graph$634.942020-21 Season Pass Price Graph8.0 daysDecember 23March 212020-21 Skier Visit Graph
2019-20$79.002019-20 Ticket Price Graph$475.942019-20 Season Pass Price Graph6.0 daysDecember 7March 142019-20 Skier Visit Graph
2010s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
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Closing Day
Skier Visits
2018-19$72.002018-19 Ticket Price Graph$634.942018-19 Season Pass Price Graph8.8 daysDecember 15March 242018-19 Skier Visit Graph
2017-18$72.002017-18 Ticket Price Graph$579.002017-18 Season Pass Price Graph8.0 daysDecember 18March 252017-18 Skier Visit Graph
2016-17$68.002016-17 Ticket Price Graph$549.002016-17 Season Pass Price Graph8.1 daysDecember 20March 192016-17 Skier Visit Graph
2015-16$68.002015-16 Ticket Price Graph$549.002015-16 Season Pass Price Graph8.1 daysJanuary 7March 132015-16 Skier Visit Graph
2014-15$66.002014-15 Ticket Price Graph$579.002014-15 Season Pass Price Graph8.8 daysDecember 192014-15 Skier Visit Graph
2013-14$64.002013-14 Ticket Price Graph$599.002013-14 Season Pass Price Graph9.4 days2013-14 Skier Visit Graph
2012-13$64.002012-13 Ticket Price Graph$675.002012-13 Season Pass Price Graph10.5 daysDecember 262012-13 Skier Visit Graph
2011-12$64.002011-12 Ticket Price Graph2011-12 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 222011-12 Skier Visit Graph
2010-11$60.002010-11 Ticket Price Graph$629.002010-11 Season Pass Price Graph10.5 days2010-11 Skier Visit Graph
2009-10$59.002009-10 Ticket Price Graph2009-10 Season Pass Price Graph2009-10 Skier Visit Graph
2000s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
Opening Day
Closing Day
Skier Visits
2008-09$57.002008-09 Ticket Price Graph$735.002008-09 Season Pass Price Graph12.9 days2008-09 Skier Visit Graph
2007-08$55.002007-08 Ticket Price Graph$714.002007-08 Season Pass Price Graph13.0 days2007-08 Skier Visit Graph
2006-07$52.002006-07 Ticket Price Graph2006-07 Season Pass Price Graph2006-07 Skier Visit Graph
2005-06$52.002005-06 Ticket Price Graph2005-06 Season Pass Price Graph2005-06 Skier Visit Graph
2004-05$50.002004-05 Ticket Price Graph2004-05 Season Pass Price Graph2004-05 Skier Visit Graph
2003-04$48.002003-04 Ticket Price Graph2003-04 Season Pass Price Graph2003-04 Skier Visit Graph
2002-03$46.002002-03 Ticket Price Graph$587.002002-03 Season Pass Price Graph12.8 days2002-03 Skier Visit Graph
2001-02$46.002001-02 Ticket Price Graph2001-02 Season Pass Price Graph2001-02 Skier Visit Graph
2000-01$42.002000-01 Ticket Price Graph2000-01 Season Pass Price GraphApril 12000-01 Skier Visit Graph
1999-00$40.001999-00 Ticket Price Graph$516.001999-00 Season Pass Price Graph12.9 daysMarch 261999-00 Skier Visit Graph
1990s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
Opening Day
Closing Day
Skier Visits
1998-99$38.001998-99 Ticket Price Graph$496.001998-99 Season Pass Price Graph13.1 days1998-99 Skier Visit Graph
1994-951994-95 Ticket Price Graph1994-95 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 171994-95 Skier Visit Graph
1992-93$29.501992-93 Ticket Price Graph1992-93 Season Pass Price Graph1992-93 Skier Visit Graph
1991-92$29.001991-92 Ticket Price Graph1991-92 Season Pass Price Graph1991-92 Skier Visit Graph
1990-91$28.001990-91 Ticket Price Graph1990-91 Season Pass Price Graph1990-91 Skier Visit Graph
1989-90$26.001989-90 Ticket Price Graph1989-90 Season Pass Price Graph1989-90 Skier Visit Graph
1980s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
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Closing Day
Skier Visits
1988-89$24.001988-89 Ticket Price Graph1988-89 Season Pass Price Graph1988-89 Skier Visit Graph
1987-88$22.001987-88 Ticket Price Graph1987-88 Season Pass Price Graph1987-88 Skier Visit Graph
1986-87$20.001986-87 Ticket Price Graph1986-87 Season Pass Price Graph1986-87 Skier Visit Graph
1984-85$18.001984-85 Ticket Price Graph1984-85 Season Pass Price Graph1984-85 Skier Visit Graph
1982-83$16.501982-83 Ticket Price Graph1982-83 Season Pass Price Graph1982-83 Skier Visit Graph
1981-82$15.001981-82 Ticket Price Graph1981-82 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 111981-82 Skier Visit Graph
1980-81$13.501980-81 Ticket Price Graph1980-81 Season Pass Price Graph1980-81 Skier Visit Graph
1970s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
Pass Payback
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1978-79$10.501978-79 Ticket Price Graph1978-79 Season Pass Price Graph1978-79 Skier Visit Graph
1976-77$8.751976-77 Ticket Price Graph1976-77 Season Pass Price Graph1976-77 Skier Visit Graph
1975-76$8.251975-76 Ticket Price Graph1975-76 Season Pass Price Graph1975-76 Skier Visit Graph
1974-75$7.251974-75 Ticket Price Graph$90.001974-75 Season Pass Price Graph12.4 days1974-75 Skier Visit Graph
1973-74$6.501973-74 Ticket Price Graph1973-74 Season Pass Price Graph1973-74 Skier Visit Graph
1972-73$6.501972-73 Ticket Price Graph1972-73 Season Pass Price Graph1972-73 Skier Visit Graph
1971-72$6.001971-72 Ticket Price Graph$85.001971-72 Season Pass Price Graph14.2 days1971-72 Skier Visit Graph
1970-71$6.001970-71 Ticket Price Graph1970-71 Season Pass Price Graph1970-71 Skier Visit Graph
1969-70$5.501969-70 Ticket Price Graph1969-70 Season Pass Price Graph1969-70 Skier Visit Graph
1960s Ticket Price Season Pass Price
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1968-69$4.501968-69 Ticket Price Graph1968-69 Season Pass Price Graph1968-69 Skier Visit Graph
1967-68$4.501967-68 Ticket Price Graph1967-68 Season Pass Price Graph1967-68 Skier Visit Graph
1966-67$4.501966-67 Ticket Price Graph1966-67 Season Pass Price Graph1966-67 Skier Visit Graph
1964-65$4.501964-65 Ticket Price Graph1964-65 Season Pass Price Graph1964-65 Skier Visit Graph
1963-64$4.501963-64 Ticket Price Graph1963-64 Season Pass Price Graph1963-64 Skier Visit Graph
1962-63$4.501962-63 Ticket Price Graph1962-63 Season Pass Price Graph1962-63 Skier Visit Graph
1961-62$4.001961-62 Ticket Price Graph1961-62 Season Pass Price GraphDecember 15March 311961-62 Skier Visit Graph
1959-60$4.001959-60 Ticket Price Graph1959-60 Season Pass Price Graph1959-60 Skier Visit Graph

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