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RockResorts, Inc.
New England Ski Presence: 1961-1986

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RockResorts was started in 1956 by Laurance Rockefeller as a luxury resort company.

Since his wife Mary was from Woodstock, Vermont, Rockefeller had a special interest in the area. In 1961, he took over Suicide Six and nearby Mt. Tom ski areas. Six years later, he purchased the Woodstock Inn.

The Woodstock Inn was rebuilt for the 1969-70 season, while a ski touring center debuted in 1970.

Mt. Tom likely closed after the 1977-78 season, when Suicide Six saw a $1 million expansion investment.

RockResorts was sold to railroad company CSX in 1986. The Woodstock Inn and Suicide Six, however, were kept out of the purchase and instead were put in a trust.
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