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Cancelled Ski Areas: New Hampshire

Mt. Agassiz Monorail Proposal
Home of the White Mountains, New Hampshire has seen many major ski area proposals over the years. While many large ski areas have been built, such as Loon, Wildcat, Cannon, and Bretton Woods, numerous others never left the drawing board. Major proposals included Mt. Blue, Sawyer River Skiway, and Willard Basin.
Cancelled Ski Areas
Mt. AgassizBethlehem, NH1960s
Bald HillConway, NH1950
Barrett MountainNew Ipswich, NH1960s
Bear MountainBartlett, NH1960s
Bear PeakBartlett, NH1960s
Mt. BlueBenton, NH1930s
Boise CascadePiermont, NH1960s
Mt. BondLincoln, NH1960s
BorderlineEvans Notch, NH1930s
Gap MountainTroy, NH1960s
Hale MountainBarrington, NH1950
Mt. JeffersonThompson and Meserve's Purchase, NH1960s
Mt. KearsargeWilmot, NH1960s
KilkennyKilkenny, NH1960s
North Twin MountainTwin Mountain, NH1960s
Mt. PierceBean's Grant, NH1960s
Sawyer River SkiwayLivermore, NH1960s
Sunapee MountainNewbury, NH1940s
Sunday MountainOrford, NH1960s
Mt. TomBethlehem, NH1970s
Mt. UncanoonucGoffstown, NH1960s
UnknownHudson, NH
Waternomee GlenBenton, NH1970s
Mt. WillardHart's Location, NH1970s
Willard BasinKilkenny, NH1960s
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