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Vermont Historic Lift Ticket and Season Pass Price Timeline
Not an all-inclusive list. When multiple weekend day or holiday rate periods apply, a non-holiday Saturday adult rate was used. Full price adult, no-blackout season pass rate used.
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Ski Area Season Lift Ticket Season Pass Payback (Days)
Stowe2019-20$147.34Ticket Price Graph$989.00Season Pass Price Graph6.7Payback Graph
Stratton2019-20$139.10Ticket Price Graph$1099.00Season Pass Price Graph7.9Payback Graph
Sugarbush2019-20$134.00Ticket Price Graph$1270.94Season Pass Price Graph9.5Payback Graph
Killington2019-20$130.00Ticket Price Graph$1336.43Season Pass Price Graph10.3Payback Graph
Okemo2019-20$126.14Ticket Price Graph$739.00Season Pass Price Graph5.9Payback Graph
Mount Snow2019-20$118.00Ticket Price Graph$739.00Season Pass Price Graph6.3Payback Graph
Bromley2019-20$92.00Ticket Price Graph$1144.80Season Pass Price Graph12.4Payback Graph
Mad River Glen2019-20$92.00Ticket Price Graph$1037.74Season Pass Price Graph11.3Payback Graph
Jay Peak2019-20$89.00Ticket Price Graph$1019.00Season Pass Price Graph11.4Payback Graph
Pico2019-20$85.00Ticket Price Graph$533.93Season Pass Price Graph6.3Payback Graph
Smugglers Notch2019-20$82.00Ticket Price Graph$698.54Season Pass Price Graph8.5Payback Graph
Bolton Valley2019-20$80.00Ticket Price Graph$719.74Season Pass Price Graph9.0Payback Graph
Suicide Six2019-20$79.00Ticket Price Graph$475.94Season Pass Price Graph6.0Payback Graph
Burke2019-20$75.00Ticket Price Graph$979.00Season Pass Price Graph13.1Payback Graph
Magic2019-20$74.00Ticket Price Graph$779.00Season Pass Price Graph10.5Payback Graph
Middlebury2019-20$60.00Ticket Price Graph$520.00Season Pass Price Graph8.7Payback Graph
Quechee2019-20$49.00Ticket Price Graph$450.00Season Pass Price Graph9.2Payback Graph
Cochrans2019-20$19.00Ticket Price Graph$195.00Season Pass Price Graph10.3Payback Graph
Ascutney2019-20$15.00Ticket Price Graph$100.00Season Pass Price Graph6.7Payback Graph
Lyndon Outing Club2019-20$15.00Ticket Price GraphSeason Pass Price GraphPayback Graph
Northeast Slopes2019-20$15.00Ticket Price Graph$150.00Season Pass Price Graph10.0Payback Graph
Brattleboro Ski Hill2019-20$5.00Ticket Price Graph$75.00Season Pass Price Graph15.0Payback Graph

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