New England Ski Lift Database
CTEC Brand Lifts
Ski AreaLiftTypeInstall SeasonStatus
Mohawk MountainMohawk TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2008-09 Standing 
Ski SundownTriple BarrelChairlift - Triple - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
Big Rock Ski AreaSouth Star TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2004-05 Standing 
Black MountainSummit Triple ChairChairlift - Triple - Fixed2004-05 Standing 
Saddleback Mountain ResortKennebago QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2008-09 Standing 
Saddleback Mountain ResortRangeley DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1963-64 Removed 
Saddleback Mountain ResortSouth Branch QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2004-05 Standing 
Shawnee PeakPine QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1997-98 Standing 
Shawnee PeakSummit Express TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2010-11 Standing 
Shawnee PeakSunnyside TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1997-98 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortSkyline QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2011-12 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortSuperQuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable1994-95 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortWhiffletree QuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable1997-98 Standing 
Sunday RiverChondolaChondola - Sixpack - 8 Person2008-09 Standing 
Sunday RiverJordan Mountain DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1994-95 Standing 
CatamountCatamount QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2022-23 Construction 
CatamountMeadows TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2005-06 Standing 
CatamountRidge QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2006-07 Standing 
Jiminy Peak Mountain ResortBerkshire ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - Detachable2000-01 Standing 
Jiminy Peak Mountain ResortQ1 QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1992-93 Standing 
Jiminy Peak Mountain ResortWidow White's QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1998-99 Standing 
Nashoba Valley Ski AreaSnowdance DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1977-78 Standing 
Nashoba Valley Ski AreaSundance TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1994-95 Standing 
Ski ButternutCruiser QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2005-06 Standing 
Ski ButternutHighline QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2004-05 Standing 
Ski ButternutTop Flight QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1993-94 Standing 
New Hampshire
Attitash Mountain ResortAbenaki QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1994-95 Standing 
Attitash Mountain ResortFlying Yankee ExpressChairlift - Quad - Detachable1998-99 Standing 
Attitash Mountain ResortLearning Center TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1988-89 Standing 
Attitash Mountain ResortSummit TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1986-87 Standing 
Bretton WoodsMt. Rosebrook Express QuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable2003-04 Standing 
Bretton WoodsWest Mountain QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1999-00 Removed 
Bretton WoodsZephyr Express QuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable2000-01 Standing 
Cannon MountainBrookside TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1999-00 Standing 
Cannon MountainPeabody Express QuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable1999-00 Standing 
Cannon MountainTuckerbrook QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2003-04 Standing 
Crotched MountainRocketChairlift - Quad - Detachable2012-13 Standing 
Crotched MountainSummit QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1987-88 Removed 
Crotched MountainWest DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1969-70 Standing 
Dartmouth SkiwayHolts DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1977-78 Standing 
Dartmouth SkiwayWinslow QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1993-94 Standing 
Gunstock Mountain ResortPanorama QuadChairlift - Quad - Detachable2003-04 Standing 
Gunstock Mountain ResortPenny Pitou QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2009-10 Standing 
King PineBlack Bear TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2006-07 Standing 
King PinePolar Bear TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
King PinePowder Bear TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1996-97 Standing 
King RidgeEastside TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1986-87 Removed 
Loon Mountain ResortEast Basin DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1968-69 Standing 
Loon Mountain ResortKissing Cousin DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1986-87 Standing 
Loon Mountain ResortLincoln ExpressChairlift - Quad - Detachable2007-08 Standing 
Loon Mountain ResortLittle Sister DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1966-67 Standing 
Loon Mountain ResortNorth Peak ExpressChairlift - Quad - Detachable2004-05 Standing 
Loon Mountain ResortNorth Peak TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1984-85 Removed 
Loon Mountain ResortSeven Brothers TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1985-86 Partially Standing 
Loon Mountain ResortTote Road QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2007-08 Standing 
Pats PeakPeak TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2017-18 Standing 
Pats PeakValley DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1969-70 Standing 
Wildcat MountainTomcat TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
Ascutney MountainNorth Peak ExpressChairlift - Quad - Detachable2000-01 Removed 
Ascutney MountainNovice TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1984-85 Removed 
Ascutney MountainSnowdance TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1986-87 Removed 
Ascutney MountainVillage TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1984-85 Removed 
Bolton ValleyVista QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2005-06 Standing 
Burke Mountain ResortWilloughby QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1988-89 Partially Standing 
Haystack MountainWitches TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
Mad River GlenSunnyside ChairChairlift - Double - Fixed1961-62 Standing 
Middlebury College Snow BowlBailey Falls TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
Middlebury College Snow BowlWorth Mountain TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2009-10 Standing 
Mount SnowBeartrap DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1969-70 Standing 
Mount SnowOutpost TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1988-89 Standing 
Mount SnowSunbrook QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1990-91 Standing 
Quechee Ski AreaQuadzillaChairlift - Quad - Fixed2005-06 Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortShooting Star ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - Detachable2001-02 Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortSunrise ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - Detachable2001-02 Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortURSA ExpressChairlift - Sixpack - Detachable1999-00 Standing 
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The largest ski resort in New England. Almost.
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From top to bottom - American Skiing Company
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Once a large ski area, now defunct
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