New England Ski Lift Database
Borvig Brand Lifts
Ski AreaLiftTypeInstall SeasonStatus
Lakeridge Ski AreaDouble ChairChairlift - Double - Fixed1974-75 Standing 
Mohawk MountainDeer Run DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1985-86 Removed 
Mohawk MountainMohawk DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1960-61 Removed 
Mohawk MountainNutmeg DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1964-65 Removed 
Mt. SouthingtonStardust TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1978-79 Standing 
Powder Ridge747 QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1972-73 Converted 
Powder Ridge747 TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2001-02 Standing 
Powder RidgeMiddlefield TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2001-02 Standing 
Ski SundownExhibition TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1977-78 Standing 
Ski SundownSunnyside TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1980-81 Standing 
Big Squaw MountainDonaher TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1986-87 Standing 
Pleasant MountainRabbit Run DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1988-89 Removed 
Saddleback Mountain ResortRangeley DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1963-64 Removed 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortBateau T-BarT-Bar1956-57 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortDouble Runner EastChairlift - Double - Fixed1974-75 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortDouble Runner WestChairlift - Double - Fixed1973-74 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortKing Pine QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1988-89 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortSkidway DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1988-89 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortSnubber TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1985-86 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortSpillway EastChairlift - Double - Fixed1975-76 Removed 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortSpillway WestChairlift - Double - Fixed1983-84 Removed 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortTimberline QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1997-98 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortTimberwind DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1981-82 Removed 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortWest Mountain DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1984-85 Standing 
Sugarloaf Mountain ResortWhiffletree QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1988-89 Removed 
Sunday RiverFall Line DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1985-86 Removed 
Sunday RiverLocke Mountain TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1984-85 Standing 
Sunday RiverNorth Peak TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1985-86 Removed 
Sunday RiverQuantum Leap TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1992-93 Standing 
Sunday RiverSouth Ridge TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1986-87 Removed 
Sunday RiverSpruce Peak TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1986-87 Removed 
Greylock GlenAJ-Bar1974-75  
Greylock GlenBChairlift - Double - Fixed1974-75 Partially Standing 
Greylock GlenCChairlift - Double - Fixed1974-75 Partially Standing 
Greylock GlenDChairlift - Double - Fixed1974-75 Partially Standing 
Berkshire East Mountain ResortWest QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed2003-04 Standing 
Brodie Mountain Ski AreaDot's LiftChairlift - Double - Fixed1968-69 Standing 
Brodie Mountain Ski AreaMatt's ChairChairlift - Double - Fixed1970-71 Standing 
Jiminy Peak Mountain ResortJ-BarJ-Bar1987-88 Removed 
Mt. Tom Ski AreaSummit DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1978-79 Removed 
Nashoba Valley Ski AreaChief TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1986-87 Standing 
Nashoba Valley Ski AreaTomahawk T-BarT-Bar1972-73 Removed 
Ski BradfordHornet ChairChairlift - Triple - Fixed1983-84 Standing 
Ski BradfordWasp ChairChairlift - Triple - Fixed1988-89 Standing 
Ski ButternutScooter DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1977-78 Removed 
New Hampshire
Attitash Mountain ResortEast Double DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1973-74 Partially Standing 
Attitash Mountain ResortKachina TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1997-98 Standing 
Attitash Mountain ResortWest Double DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1973-74 Partially Standing 
Black Mountain ResortEast Bowl TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1984-85 Standing 
Brickyard Mountain Ski AreaDoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1976-77 Removed 
Granite GorgePinnacle DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed2005-06 Standing 
King PineJ-BarJ-Bar1987-88 Removed 
Pats PeakHurricane TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1977-78 Standing 
Pats PeakTurbulence TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed2003-04 Standing 
Ragged Mountain ResortBarnyard TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1998-99 Standing 
Temple Mountain Ski AreaSummit QuadChairlift - Quad - Fixed1984-85 Removed 
Tenney MountainEclipse TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
The HighlandsSummit TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1987-88 Standing 
Waterville Valley ResortVillage TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1977-78 Removed 
CarinthiaSki BabaChairlift - Double - Fixed1979-80 Removed 
Jay Peak ResortVillage ChairChairlift - Double - Fixed1995-96 Standing 
Mad River GlenSunnyside ChairChairlift - Double - Fixed1961-62 Standing 
Magic Mountain Ski AreaGreen ChairChairlift - Double - Fixed2018-19 Standing 
Mount SnowSki BabaChairlift - Double - Fixed1979-80 Removed 
Saskadena Six2,000 Foot Double ChairChairlift - Double - Fixed1975-76 Removed 
Saskadena SixBeginners J-BarJ-Bar1977-78 Removed 
Snow ValleyDouble ChairliftChairlift - Double - Fixed1976-77 Standing 
Stratton Mountain ResortBetwixed DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1982-83 Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortGrizzly DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1977-78 Removed 
Stratton Mountain ResortTamarack DoubleChairlift - Double - Fixed1976-77 Converted 
Stratton Mountain ResortTamarack TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1977-78 Standing 
Sugarbush ResortSpring Fling TripleChairlift - Triple - Fixed1977-78 Removed 
Timber RidgeTempest T-BarT-Bar1963-64 Removed 
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